Problem importing daatabase into e107 on Hostgator

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Hi all,

1st post and I'm stuck (Sorry). I tried looking for a search function to see if this had been reported before but couldn't find it....

OK, my problem. I've had to change hosting (my friend was hosting the site for me but now can't). I've installed e107 and I'm trying to import the database (exported from the previous site) using the import function on hostgator.

When I do, I get the following error message:


SQL query:


MySQL said: Documentation
#1231 - Variable 'time_zone' can't be set to the value of 'NULL'

Has anyone seen this before and does anyone know how I can sort it?

Thanks folks

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Can you look up and find out the MySQL version that Hostgator uses for your website account? It may be that you have gone from a newer version of MySQL to a older version of MySQL, causing some conflicts when trying to import the backup file. The backup file was created with the newer MySQL standards, which may not be supported by the older version.

Hope this makes sense. It's just one of the possibilities of your issue, not a definitive solution though :(

Let me know what you find!
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Open up (backup a copy) the sql file
Delete the lines on top (up to where Table structure listing starts.
Delete the (likely) 3 last lines (look alike) from in it also.
Try importing
(overall only the actual contents : tables etc..; not sql related lines)

(it becomes basically the same as when adding the content on a manual base (by sql queries),
at that point you also do not use those lines).
Only the pieces from create and insert to
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