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Common Questions

There is an increasing amount of information about installation and troubleshooting in the wiki: The information is the wiki is usually the most up to date.
See also the Wiki page Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. I get an 'Access Denied' message when navigating my site.
A. Read the Wiki Document on e_Token. It contains:
  • A description of what the e_Token System does.
  • How it protects your e107 website.
  • How to identify and fix Plugins, Themes and other custom code which may be causing Access Denied.

Q. I keep seeing 'Sanitized' on pages I create.
A. Sanitized: * How to set and configure admin>>prefs for html and Script posting

Q. I'm getting "Fatal error: Call to undefined function: display_help() in /home/____/____"
A. Some files are corrupted or missing - Run file inspector to identify the files, then re-upload them.

Q. How do I disallow member registration to my site?
A. Admin Page -> Preferences Please scroll through all your Admin/Preference options and make sure they are correct.

Q. My site used to work, but now I get either a blank page or '403 - Site not found' errors.
A. You probably got yourself (or, more correctly, your IP address) banned. Either try logging in from somewhere else, or get another admin to do so, and look at the banlist. Otherwise you have to use phpmyadmin to edit the banlist table.

Q. I am getting the following error message: CRITICAL_ERROR: Line : generic, class2.php
Error reported as: [6]: Unable to form a valid connection to mySQL. Please check that your e107_config.php contains the correct information.
A. a) If your site was working - Your host's mySQL server has probably crashed. Often they will reset it automatically; sometimes they will need a prod.
b) On a new install - most likely the url/database/username/password combination for the database isn't quite right. Note that some hosts add prefixes and/or suffixes to either or both of the database and username. Also, while 'localhost' is common for the url, some hosts do it differently.

Q. How do I change setting X?
A. Make sure that the setting you wish to change is not changeable in the settings of the particular area; e.g.:
  • for the regular, non-plugin, settings go to the 'preferences' in the 'admin area'
  • for the user settings check the 'admin area' - 'users' - 'users' - 'options' page and the 'admin area' - 'preferences' page
  • for a certain plugin (so after you installed it; go to 'admin area' - 'plugins' - 'the plugin'
  • for down-/uploads check the 'admin area' - 'content' - 'uploads' and 'downloads'

This way you know where to find any settings in the future and you can ask your question(s) more precisely.
Note: Some areas have more than one 'settings menu' selected from a list on the right of the screen.

Q. Filetypes are not recognized in uploads (also applies to uploading plugins, themes etc)
A. Make sure you have renamed e107admin >> filetypes_.php to filetypes.php and add jpeg etc. etc. into it as only zip, gz, jpg, png, gif are in there by default

Why does it happen? For security reasons the list of allowed upload file types is stored in a flat file in the admin directory. When you initially install or upgrade your site all file uploads will be blocked with an error message. To selectively enable them, rename the new file e107_admin/filetypes_.php to e107_admin/filetypes.php and add a comma delimited list of allowed file type extensions to it. You should not allow the upload of .html, .txt, etc as an attacker may upload a file of this type which includes malicious javascript. You should also, of course, not allow the upload of .php files or any other type of executable script. Please also check the current contents of your e107_files/public/ directories and verify that the files there are legitimate.

Also read the 'Wiki' here

NOTE: If you have a problem with uploading a theme or a plugin with the e107 file manager: Sometimes a theme or plugin may be zipped 1 level too deep - it should be zip name folder >> theme name folder >> theme.php file

If the theme/plugin author hasn't adhered to the standard, you will have to extract the zip to your desktop and rezip correctly or ftp the files to your e107_themes or e107_plugins directory.

Q. I can't log in to my site.
A. A ban entry can be found by looking in the database directly by e.g. using phpmyadmin.
Also if login.php or signup is blank it may be because you have 'Image Code' verification turned 'on' when your host doesn't have 'GD' extension installed. This is common with some hosts, Web Mani is one known culprit