Developer FAQ

Q. Is e107 easy to install?
A. Yes. See Getting Started. For a more in-depth explanation Click here to view our full installation instructions.
It is also possible to build and run a test site on your own PC using a package such as Xampp or EasyPhp which are themselves easy to install.

Q. Does e107 do what I need it to do?
A. Yes. e107 is a fully functional content management system that can build websites simply using the installation package and the 'core' plugins that are supplied; it can also be easily customised to your needs, with a wide selection of additional plugins and themes.

Q. Is there support?
A. Yes. We have a dedicated support team, online forums, training videos and active community of users who are happy to support others. There is also an on line e107 Handbook for more in depth system information that is available Free 24/7

Q. Is it easy to upgrade to a new version when it's released?
A. Yes, when update packages, either core improvements/bug fixes etc. are released by the Development Team, you can opt to be notified in your sites admin area. Update packages can then simply be uploaded to your site and the previous installation overwritten. Plugins, from other community members, may contain a link to check for updates as well.

Q. I'm a PHP developer, how can I contribute my code to e107 CMS?
A. There are two ways to contribute and expand the functionality of e107 with your code:
  1. Create an e107 plugin and distribute it.
  2. Contribute to the e107 CMS core system (v2 branch) by forking it on Github, adding your changes and making a pull-request.