e107 Inc


The e107 content management system and website began mid-2002 as a hobby project of Steve Dunstan (aka Jalist). After some months, around the time of v0.5 of the software, Steve began accepting code contributions and ideas from some of the users. In the months following, he decided to form a small development team with those people who had been contributing and they consequently released version 0.6 .

Due to health-concerns within the period of just a few version releases, Steve was forced to take a step back from e107. He then decided to hand over the project to the few dedicated developers that remained in the team. New developers joined, many major improvements were made and version 0.7 was born.

Over the years that followed some developers came and went, but what remained was a dedicated team who incorporated in the State of Nevada as "e107 Inc" in November of 2008. They went on to further refine the e107 system with the help of a selfless and benevolent support team, to make it it the rock-solid content management system that it is today.

The beginning of 2012 marked a new era for e107, with all new branding, a heavily rewritten and feature-rich v2.0 beta release and a positive outlook for the future of the system.