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Aug ’13

e107 Community Meetings are now weekly!

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We've done two community meetings so far, both turned out the same amount of people and beneficial conversion was had both times. In an effort to increase the exposure of the meetings and allow for more people to attend we've decided to, for the foreseeable future, have meetings every week instead of selecting a day, sometimes a month or more apart and then holding it.

For now, until we get more people involved, we'll be holding a community meeting every Wednesday at 6PM GMT starting this Wednesday. A link to a countdown timer, and the next meeting date will always be available here.

Since the meetings are being held weekly, there probably won't be a blog post before each meeting. Mostly because there's not going to be a lot of information to pass along that can't be passed along through the GitHub repo or the forum thread. I will, however, post a blog post every once in awhile to clue people in to the community meeting's existence. Once blog post that will happen shortly is one indicating the plugins that will be discussed in the next few meetings, this way if you want to only attend a meeting if a plugin you care about is being discussed you can.

If you miss a meeting, or you're too shy to attend (you shouldn't be, we're not all that bad), you can always get the logs from this thread or directly from the repo.

Finally, and probably most importantly, the meetings will still be held in the ##e107-community channel over on Freenode (click here if you have an IRC client installed already!). If you don't have a client, refer to the first community meeting's blog post here!