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May ’14

Summary e107 community meeting 17-May-2014

On Saturday May 17th 2014 we had another Skype developers meeting. Jimako, Kim, Smiley-uki, Tgtje, Moc, Miro, Cameron and myself were present. Just as the previous meeting this was an audio meeting, so I am posting a summary instead of a transcript.

The meeting was from 1pm PST till 3pm PST. It was a lively discussion and both Miro and Cameron have explained a lot of their ideas.

The outcomes:
  • There will be a attention to v2 alpha documentation in the immediate future (soon).
  • We have a roadmap: we consider the Github milestones as our official roadmap (and we will focus along the way on improving this while we go).
  • Developers will focus on prioritizing and categorizing issues on Github better.
  • There are a lot of cache related issued reported for v2 beta on Github; Miro will remove the cache for the v2 alpha version.
  • More important than cache; there are security concerns in new developments in v2 alpha. These will be improved before v2 alpha2 release.
  • We want to make more use of PHP5's built-in security related features.
  • PHP 5.3 will be the absolute minimum requirement for e107 v2 alpha.
  • e107 v2 alpha2 will not support multi-language websites.
  • e107 v2 alpha2 still contains base principles inherited from v1; which was developed organically. To get the things out that the majority of the developers want, we need to set-up things from scratch, those developments will be saved to future versions.
  • Semantic Versioning 2.0.0 might be applied to e107 v2 alpha versioning.
  • The SEO handling of plugins in the core has been noted for improvement.
  • Moc offered his help to go through the Github 'no milestone' issues. We happily invite everybody to support us and help us out!
  • Testing and reporting through Github is of vital importance to keep the development going.
  • There are still a lot of redundant language terms. We need community help pointing things out to us! Help us via Github!
  • There are still a lot of untranslated language terms hardcoded in the coding! We need even more community help pointing things out to us! Help us via Github; raise an issue or better: post a pull request.
  • For language files, only use [x] for language substitution (versus the usage of --x--).
  • Automatic translation of terms dates, numbers etc. can maybe be implemented.
  • There is a new Google+ e107 community.
  • Since the launch of the Google plus e107 community this triggered an increase in issue revivals on Github.
  • There will be a future change in approach in community communications.
  • Github, github, GITHUB and Github!

We are excited that e107 v2 hopefully will get even more attention at Github!

Next meeting topics: mysqlI, utf8mb4, development tools, frameworks etc.
Next meeting: Saturday 31-May-2014, 1pm PST = 2pm PDT = 9pm GMT
Click here for a countdown to the next meeting.