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May ’14

Summary e107 community meeting 09-May-2014

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On Friday May 9th 2014 there has been a Skype meeting. A few e107 members, Moc, myself and Cameron were present. Fairly quickly we changed to an audio meeting, so I am not able to post a transcript as I promised to do in the original meeting invitation.

The meeting was from 1pm PST till 4pm PST. Mainly it was me asking things and Cameron explaining or responding to it.

The outcomes:
  • all e107 programmers do this as a hobby, we don't earn money with the e107 project
  • all e107 programmers actually do have a life and need to support themselves, their real life companies and/or their real life families; so sometimes that influences priorities on how much time and effort to spend on e107. No further need to explain that in these past harsh economic times, our priorities were other than e107.
  • we speak of the wish that other developers will join us through Github
  • we will therefore focus more on Github
  • even the lesser experienced programmers are welcome to chip in through Github, and learn as you go, just as we did
  • e107 v2 can be considered already fairly stable; it is actually running successfully on a couple of private projects
  • there is a few things to fix in v2 before we can deliver it as stable ALPHA version
  • we want to focus on delivering a stable v2 ALPHA version as soon as possible
  • we will place more effort and attention into communication with the developers group, but also with the community; preferably directly through Github
  • we will pay more attention and facilitate in proper v2 ALPHA documentation, to make an introduction or transition to v2 more smooth
  • we very much need the support of language pack developers, and we try to focus on cutting down on the enormous amount of language terms. We try to have less duplication and therefore smaller language packs. While we're doing so, no official language packs can really be created by the Translation Team; also a lot of new v2 ALPHA software contains language-pack related issues.
  • we still continue to support e107 v1; we will support security fixes when and if they apply
  • the Object-Oriented way of programming might scare some coders; but that's all for 'under the hood'; you don't look under the hood when you're driving a car either. Attention has been spent in v2 to backward compatibility (database calls in a plugin in 'the old way' will still work). Basically the only new element a plugin needs to have for v2 is an accompanying plugin xml file. There is even a plugin builder in v2 that is able to create a plugin based on a SQL database file.
  • Github, github, GITHUB and Github!

Summing it all up, I had the feeling that all attendants were re-inspired, and we are all looking forward to kicking some life back into e107 v2 and seeing it bring some action at Github!