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Jun ’14

Summary e107 Meeting Saturday May 31, 2014

Here's a brief summary of the Skype conversation "e107 Meeting Saturday May 31, 2014 (1pm PST = 2pm PDT = 9pm GMT)".

* Issues of milestone 2 are being worked on intensively
* requests for new features have been moved to milestone 3
* TinyMCE plugin (WYSIWYG editor) is the major concern for the new alpha version
* retrieving plugins/themes will not be fully functional as intended yet in alpha release; but free plugins will work properly
* the new naming convention for v2 will be: e107 Bootstrap CMS
* discussion about users vs members naming conventions; Cameron will go through the language files
* concluded that we need an emphasis on 'English only'; we don't support foreign language packs yet!
* a GitHub page will be created were community can add their experiences with 3rd party plugins
* Cameron will find time somewhere in the next 24 hours to implement things in TinyMCE (amongst others: focusing on video and glyphs)
* some core plugins are candidate for core removal/obsolete, because they are based on coding that goes back to e107 0.6; that will not be compatible any more with e107 Bootstrap CMS; alpha 1&2 does not contain PDF plugin or calendar plugin - but can be downloaded from Github by those who need them.

Next meeting: June 7, 2014 (1pm PST = 2pm PDT = 9pm GMT)