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May ’14

Help with e107 v2 alpha

Here at the e107 development center (we're actually individuals scattered all over the world) have this request: we need some development help to boost e107 v2 alpha.
It is fairly simple; we consider e107 v2 alpha as pretty stable already. In fact, it is already in use on a couple of websites out there.

That's why at first I thought of this way to help us out: the so-called 'FIXME hunt'. Here is a simple way to get started: look at Github for all the FIXME lines.
However, Cameron pointed out to me this might be disappointing because a lot of FIXME comments might be outdated.

Please bear in mind that with v2 we want to bring down the number of language terms, to make the job for the e107 Translation Team easier. So please re-use as much language terms as you can, and avoid introducing new language terms.

Instead of a FIXME hunt, our main community target should be the closing Github 'alpha2' milestone issues.
For those who don't code: what might be helpful is if you try to reproduce the issue, and then comment accordingly. This could benefit and help us prioritize what remains.
And for those that do code; a pull-request will be welcome.

Thanks in advance for your help, happy closing the ALPHA2 milestone issues and we are looking forward to see your contributions (commentary/pull requests/etc) on GitHub!