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Jun ’14
Here's a brief summary of the Skype conversation "e107 Meeting Saturday May 31, 2014 (1pm PST = 2pm PDT = 9pm GMT)".

* Issues of milestone 2 are being worked on intensively
* requests for new features have been moved to milestone 3
* TinyMCE plugin (WYSIWYG editor) is the major concern for the new alpha version
* retrieving plugins/themes will not be fully functional as intended yet in alpha release; but free plugins will work properly
* the new naming convention for v2 will be: e107 Bootstrap CMS
* discussion about users vs members naming conventions; Cameron will go through the language files
* concluded that we need an emphasis on 'English only'; we don't support foreign language packs yet!
* a GitHub page will be created were community can add their experiences with 3rd party plugins
* Cameron will find time somewhere in the next 24 hours to implement things in TinyMCE (amongst others: focusing on video and glyphs)
* some core plugins are candidate for core removal/obsolete, because they are based on coding that goes back to e107 0.6; that will not be compatible any more with e107 Bootstrap CMS; alpha 1&2 does not contain PDF plugin or calendar plugin - but can be downloaded from Github by those who need them.

Next meeting: June 7, 2014 (1pm PST = 2pm PDT = 9pm GMT)
May ’14
On Saturday May 17th 2014 we had another Skype developers meeting. Jimako, Kim, Smiley-uki, Tgtje, Moc, Miro, Cameron and myself were present. Just as the previous meeting this was an audio meeting, so I am posting a summary instead of a transcript.

The meeting was from 1pm PST till 3pm PST. It was a lively discussion and both Miro and Cameron have explained a lot of their ideas.

The outcomes:
  • There will be a attention to v2 alpha documentation in the immediate future (soon).
  • We have a roadmap: we consider the Github milestones as our official roadmap (and we will focus along the way on improving this while we go).
  • Developers will focus on prioritizing and categorizing issues on Github better.
  • There are a lot of cache related issued reported for v2 beta on Github; Miro will remove the cache for the v2 alpha version.
  • More important than cache; there are security concerns in new developments in v2 alpha. These will be improved before v2 alpha2 release.
  • We want to make more use of PHP5's built-in security related features.
  • PHP 5.3 will be the absolute minimum requirement for e107 v2 alpha.
  • e107 v2 alpha2 will not support multi-language websites.
  • e107 v2 alpha2 still contains base principles inherited from v1; which was developed organically. To get the things out that the majority of the developers want, we need to set-up things from scratch, those developments will be saved to future versions.
  • Semantic Versioning 2.0.0 might be applied to e107 v2 alpha versioning.
  • The SEO handling of plugins in the core has been noted for improvement.
  • Moc offered his help to go through the Github 'no milestone' issues. We happily invite everybody to support us and help us out!
  • Testing and reporting through Github is of vital importance to keep the development going.
  • There are still a lot of redundant language terms. We need community help pointing things out to us! Help us via Github!
  • There are still a lot of untranslated language terms hardcoded in the coding! We need even more community help pointing things out to us! Help us via Github; raise an issue or better: post a pull request.
  • For language files, only use [x] for language substitution (versus the usage of --x--).
  • Automatic translation of terms dates, numbers etc. can maybe be implemented.
  • There is a new Google+ e107 community.
  • Since the launch of the Google plus e107 community this triggered an increase in issue revivals on Github.
  • There will be a future change in approach in community communications.
  • Github, github, GITHUB and Github!

We are excited that e107 v2 hopefully will get even more attention at Github!

Next meeting topics: mysqlI, utf8mb4, development tools, frameworks etc.
Next meeting: Saturday 31-May-2014, 1pm PST = 2pm PDT = 9pm GMT
Click here for a countdown to the next meeting.
May ’14
Here at the e107 development center (we're actually individuals scattered all over the world) have this request: we need some development help to boost e107 v2 alpha.
It is fairly simple; we consider e107 v2 alpha as pretty stable already. In fact, it is already in use on a couple of websites out there.

That's why at first I thought of this way to help us out: the so-called 'FIXME hunt'. Here is a simple way to get started: look at Github for all the FIXME lines.
However, Cameron pointed out to me this might be disappointing because a lot of FIXME comments might be outdated.

Please bear in mind that with v2 we want to bring down the number of language terms, to make the job for the e107 Translation Team easier. So please re-use as much language terms as you can, and avoid introducing new language terms.

Instead of a FIXME hunt, our main community target should be the closing Github 'alpha2' milestone issues.
For those who don't code: what might be helpful is if you try to reproduce the issue, and then comment accordingly. This could benefit and help us prioritize what remains.
And for those that do code; a pull-request will be welcome.

Thanks in advance for your help, happy closing the ALPHA2 milestone issues and we are looking forward to see your contributions (commentary/pull requests/etc) on GitHub!
May ’14
On Friday May 9th 2014 there has been a Skype meeting. A few e107 members, Moc, myself and Cameron were present. Fairly quickly we changed to an audio meeting, so I am not able to post a transcript as I promised to do in the original meeting invitation.

The meeting was from 1pm PST till 4pm PST. Mainly it was me asking things and Cameron explaining or responding to it.

The outcomes:
  • all e107 programmers do this as a hobby, we don't earn money with the e107 project
  • all e107 programmers actually do have a life and need to support themselves, their real life companies and/or their real life families; so sometimes that influences priorities on how much time and effort to spend on e107. No further need to explain that in these past harsh economic times, our priorities were other than e107.
  • we speak of the wish that other developers will join us through Github
  • we will therefore focus more on Github
  • even the lesser experienced programmers are welcome to chip in through Github, and learn as you go, just as we did
  • e107 v2 can be considered already fairly stable; it is actually running successfully on a couple of private projects
  • there is a few things to fix in v2 before we can deliver it as stable ALPHA version
  • we want to focus on delivering a stable v2 ALPHA version as soon as possible
  • we will place more effort and attention into communication with the developers group, but also with the community; preferably directly through Github
  • we will pay more attention and facilitate in proper v2 ALPHA documentation, to make an introduction or transition to v2 more smooth
  • we very much need the support of language pack developers, and we try to focus on cutting down on the enormous amount of language terms. We try to have less duplication and therefore smaller language packs. While we're doing so, no official language packs can really be created by the Translation Team; also a lot of new v2 ALPHA software contains language-pack related issues.
  • we still continue to support e107 v1; we will support security fixes when and if they apply
  • the Object-Oriented way of programming might scare some coders; but that's all for 'under the hood'; you don't look under the hood when you're driving a car either. Attention has been spent in v2 to backward compatibility (database calls in a plugin in 'the old way' will still work). Basically the only new element a plugin needs to have for v2 is an accompanying plugin xml file. There is even a plugin builder in v2 that is able to create a plugin based on a SQL database file.
  • Github, github, GITHUB and Github!

Summing it all up, I had the feeling that all attendants were re-inspired, and we are all looking forward to kicking some life back into e107 v2 and seeing it bring some action at Github!
Sep ’13

As you are probably well aware, e107 has been nominated in the Critic's Choice CMS Awards for best Open Source CMS. In a tough competition between four other nominees for this award, e107 needs your help to be voted as best Open Source CMS this year.

Cast your vote for e107 by filling in this form. The voting round ends on October 1st, so be quick!
Spread the word and let’s make sure everyone in CMS land knows about e107!
Aug ’13
Image: of yesterday, I am extremely excited to announce that e107 has been nominated as one out of the five nominees for the People’s Choice for best Open Source CMS award.

As this particular category is the most popular one in the entire Critic’s Choice CMS awards, it truly shows that the tremendous effort by both the e107 team and the entire community has produced outstanding results with plenty of opportunities for further improvement and growth over the upcoming years.

With great appreciation towards the community, e107 is asking you to prepare for the voting round, which commences on the 1st of September 2013. Be sure to vote for e107, so it will win the award! This will result in increased awareness and popularity.

Once again, thank you community! Let’s continue working hard to improve e107 even further. Not just as a (very powerful) content management system but also - equally important - as a community project.
Aug ’13
We've done two community meetings so far, both turned out the same amount of people and beneficial conversion was had both times. In an effort to increase the exposure of the meetings and allow for more people to attend we've decided to, for the foreseeable future, have meetings every week instead of selecting a day, sometimes a month or more apart and then holding it.

For now, until we get more people involved, we'll be holding a community meeting every Wednesday at 6PM GMT starting this Wednesday. A link to a countdown timer, and the next meeting date will always be available here.

Since the meetings are being held weekly, there probably won't be a blog post before each meeting. Mostly because there's not going to be a lot of information to pass along that can't be passed along through the GitHub repo or the forum thread. I will, however, post a blog post every once in awhile to clue people in to the community meeting's existence. Once blog post that will happen shortly is one indicating the plugins that will be discussed in the next few meetings, this way if you want to only attend a meeting if a plugin you care about is being discussed you can.

If you miss a meeting, or you're too shy to attend (you shouldn't be, we're not all that bad), you can always get the logs from this thread or directly from the repo.

Finally, and probably most importantly, the meetings will still be held in the ##e107-community channel over on Freenode (click here if you have an IRC client installed already!). If you don't have a client, refer to the first community meeting's blog post here!
Jul ’13
Hello everyone, it's that time again! This blog post was suppose to be posted a week ago, but I got a little tied up with things and couldn't find the time to draft it up!

Long story short, we're going to be holding the next community meeting on July 31st, 2013 at 6PM GMT. If you have trouble with timezones, you can take a look at this countdown for an exact time.

As with the previous meeting, it will be held on the ##e107-community channel on the Freenode IRC network. If you have an IRC client installed you can click this link to join the channel at any time. For an extensive list of clients for all platforms you can reference the blog post for the first community meeting, here.

For those of you who just installed a client, you can typically launch it and type the following commands to join the channel:

/join ##e107-community

The first meeting was basically a trial run, and we learned a lot from it. This time around we're going to only introduce new people and encourage them to only do a quick introduction of themselves. Additonally, from here on out we will be picking a core plugin, ideally from v1, and discussing what we like or dislike about it, as well as what we'd like to see added or removed from it when/if it gets ported to v2. This time around we will be discussing the forum plugin.

If you have any questions or concerns, please post them in the comments below!
Jul ’13
The Critic's Choice CMS Awards, which started in 2012, helps to bring attention to all the content management systems that people use to manage their websites. You can help bring e107 more publicity by nominating us for this award!

e107 participates in the following three categories:

  • Best Open Source CMS
  • Best Free CMS
  • Best Small to Midsize Business CMS
To nominate e107, simply fill in the form here:
You have until August 1st, 2013 to get your nominations in.

We hope to get shortlisted so that we’ll be able to move into the further stages of the Awards. The more nominations, the greater our chances!

Thank you!
Jun ’13
Hello everyone! As was announced in this thread, we're going to be holding Community Meetings in IRC (##e107-community on the Freenode server). For now they will be just a fun get together for the community to talk about various e107 related things. The topics for discussion will be picked out prior to the meeting, but that doesn't mean it has to stay on topic! Occasionally we'll have developers stop by and answer any questions you may have regarding the development of both branches (v1 and v2) of e107.

The first meeting will take place on July 10th at 4PM GMT. For a quick countdown you can take a look at this page. The topics are as follows:

  • Introductions. Introduce yourself the the community. Who you are, what you do, what you use e107 for, etc.
  • How you found e107. What caught your eye and made you pick e107 over something else.
  • If you migrated from another CMS, why? What CMS did you migrate from?
  • What are you most looking forward to in v2? What are you not looking forward to?

As I mentioned above the meetings will be taking place in ##e107-community on the Freenode network. IRC is extremely versatile in that you can connect to the channel via a website or many standalone programs, browser extensions, and mobile apps. See below for an extensive list.

Standalone programs are generally the most feature rich:

  • mIRC (Windows, shareware/free trial)
  • XChat (Windows, shareware/free trial - Linux, free)
  • HexChat (Windows/Linux, free)
  • XChat-2 (Windows,Linux?, free)
  • irssi (Windows/Linux/Mac, free)
  • Colloquy (Mac, free)

Some popular IM programs offer the ability to connect to an IRC server:

If you don't want to install an IM program or a standalone program, you can try these browser plugins:

  • CIRC (Chrome)
  • ChatZilla (Firefox)
  • Opera has built in IRC functionality.
  • I didn't bother looking up an IRC plugin for Internet Explorer, because let's be honest...

And finally, if you'd rather just use your smartphone or tablet:

If you cannot configure your client, app, or plugin feel free to leave a comment below and I or someone else will surely assist you. There are no "best" of any of them, it all boils down to which you like the most. If you don't plan on using IRC for much, or you don't want to mess with configuring something, your best bet may be to just use the web client mentioned above. Likewise, if you use one of the mentioned IM programs you can always just configure the IRC protocol.

If you already have an IRC client (or whatever), you can join us very easily by issuing the following commands:

/join ##e107-community

Additionally, you can navigate to this address in your browser and it will launch your default IRC client and automatically connect you to the server and join you to the channel:

Finally, if you miss any meetings the logs will be getting posted on the e107cmn repo on my GitHub page here. Just locate the date of the meeting and read away. If you are interested in helping us maintain the logs and have a GitHub account contact me directly and I'll provide you with commit access to the mentioned repo. I'm working on a more convenient way for logging the meetings, but I'm not ready to announce what it is just yet. Stay tuned for more information on that!
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